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Welcome to the unofficial blog of the Creative Dance Ministry of Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya. We are a group of ordinary yet beautiful (in God's eyes, at least :P) people who just simply love to worship the Lord in dance and the arts. As we share our ministry journey here in our own simple ways, we hope all
who visit will be blessed and inspired.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Project Dance ( is another cool dance-related event to go for. Its motto, Performing with Integrity to Inspire, aims to put our roles as Christian dancers into perspective. At the annual 3-day event, dancers are trained at workshops conducted by well-qualified and passionate instructors, and discussion forums are set up to have face-to-face sessions with people who are in the know-how of the industry and ministry. All throughout the 3 days, dancers are encouraged to network, pray together, share Christ through dance and evangelism. Outdoor stages are set up for the public to come by and watch the daily concerts.
Cheryl Cutlip, the founder, a very gifted dancer herself, first set this project up in New York City (at the infamous Times Square), and has moved on to establish the event in Los Angeles, Atlanta (Georgia), then out to Sydney, and now to Hong Kong. (Way to go, Cheryl! We believe it hasn't been easy, but the Lord has given you the vision and passion to carry it through. Keep the faith.)
So all you dancers out there, if you can afford it (if not, pray and go in faith), make your way to a Project Dance near you!

Project Dance Sydney 2008 (July 18-20)
Project Dance Hong Kong 2008 (July 25-27)
Project Dance Atlanta 2008 (Sept 26-28)
Project Dance NYC 2009 (April)

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