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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Araya's Wings

Went to the Worship Arts and Dance Seminar hosted by CDFM last weekend. Cynthia Newland is a great teacher, very anointed and very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Besides the session on Dance in Prayer, the other highlight of the day was Dance for the Disabled. After leading us through various movements and exercises to let us experience a little bit of how the different disabled would do to worship the Lord with they physical bodies, she went on to show us this video which brought tears to many of our eyes.
Cynthia choreographed this piece together with Araya (the girl in this video) about 5-8 years ago. It all started when Cynthia went to this girl's church to perform and Araya asked Cynthia when she could dance like her (Araya was born with brittle bones which will break easily at any instance of applied pressure). Cynthia then got the inspiration to do this dance with her, making Araya the happiest little girl alive. They went on to perform together in like 8 more venues to encourage and lift the spirits of the disabled, which is one of Cynthia's passion. They got standing ovations for most of them except one :) Why no one stood for the one? Well, as Cynthia says, God has ways to teach humility to us.

Do enjoy and be ministered to!

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