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Monday, October 27, 2008

Project Dance Hong Kong 2008 (1)

It's been some time... too many things, too little time...
Here's a little of Project Dance Hong Kong (courtesy of Project Dance) which was held for 3 days end of the hot and humid July. Guess which team is from Malaysia?
1 day was dedicated to street outreach ministry and the highlight of the event. There were about 20 performances represented by dancers from all over the world, namely the US, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, etc. The event started from 2pm and ended at 8pm right smack in front of busy Times Square at Central.
As it was a Saturday, many people were shopping and hanging around the area, so it was basically a harvest field! But then due to regulations, no flyers of any sort were allowed to be distributed. That didn't stop people from asking about the purpose and background of the performances, so it gave an opportunity for the other participants who were not dancing to share the mission of Project Dance and the Gospel at the same time.
It was really encouraging to see friends from as far as the US travel all the way to minister and reach out to people on this part of the world. One particular lady, a dancer/choreogrpaher, who is in her 60s shared on the sidelines that she had a burden to come to Project Dance Hong Kong but received objections from her family members. They thought she was out of her mind for travelling to Hong Kong on her own at her age (she hasn't been to Asia before), but she just couldn't remove the burden from her heart and went ahead with her plans. She was so worried she didn't do well, but her gentle yet powerful dance movements really moved many to tears. Such a dear soul! 
The master classes were really eye-opening and had this writer feeling regretful knowing that too little has been done to achieve excellence in our own capacity. Doesn't God deserve the best? We have been too busy with many things that doesn't matter... let's relook at our priorities and move ahead to bring glory back to Him!

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